Abandoned Grind Stones, Grindstone City, Michigan

This image shows the unexpected fate of a large quantity of grind stones which had been manufactured nearby but found no owners. They are used for shoreline stabilization for which they are also eminently suitable, given their great size and hardness.

The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, WI

The description states:
Abandoned grindstones, once a thriving industry at Grindstone City, Michigan.
Grindstone City is an unincorporated community at the eastern end of Port Austin Township, located at the northern tip of the ‘thumb’ of the Michigan peninsula. The shore shown here is part of Lake Huron.
This postcard is dated 1955.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Grind Stones, Grindstone City, Michigan

  1. deans Post author

    According to this article from last year, there are still large grindstones on the beach which you could claim:
    Some stones are visible on Google Maps. They appear to be on the beach behind people’s houses, so they may be considered “owned” already. A visit to the town before arranging to pick one up would be wise.
    Since they weigh a ton or more, you’ll need some serious hauling vehicle, lifting equipment and assistance.


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