Bingo Hall, Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

From the ostentatious outside of the Golden Nugget to the more pedestrian inside, in this case the Bingo Hall. Bingo was a very popular gambling activity during this era, and it lives on as Keno, a more passive and less attention-intensive game. The wall-mounted number boards displayed below are typical of the Keno screens common in casinos today. The very formal and fixed layout of tables and stools reminds one of a set of long lunch counters from that time.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago ‘C.T. Photochrom’ Post Card

The description states:
The new palatial Bingo Room, in Nevada’s largest and most glamorous casino. The Golden Nugget, in Downtown Las Vegas, is the most modern and luxurious in the world. Every day thousands play this favorite game of chance.
–It is likely that, with the waning popularity of Bingo, its replacement with Keno, and the incredible surge in popularity of slot machine games, that this room has been converted to other uses in the intervening decades.
This postcard was used, and has a postmark of 27 July 1953.

2 thoughts on “Bingo Hall, Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. judy Thompson

    I am coming to Vegas on Sept. 1/16 and would like some information about the Golden Nugget Bingo’s. Are there bingo’s everyday? What does it cost to play. How long is each session, what is the prize board like…. I would appreciate any information you can send me.
    Judy Thompson

    1. deans Post author

      Unfortunately, to find the information you are requesting it would require contacting the Nugget casino, which still provides Bingo gambling. I can point you to a website that gives a lot of information about where to go and how the games are arranged, but beyond that you will have to call these establishments directly:


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