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Frontier Scene, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

This image shows the small settlement of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming as it looked just after the start of the 20th century.

Pine Bluffs, Wyo. in the early 1900’s

There is no description on the back of this card.

–The town is located on the border between Wyoming and Nebraska. Its growth was predicated on the presence of the railroad and the trailhead for cattle drives which ended here to allow transport of cattle to eastern markets. Even with this, the population today is just over 1100.

This image is noted on the card to date from the 1900s, though it was purchased and used on 14 July 1955.

16th Street Business District, Cheyenne, Wyoming

This image features the Plains Hotel in the center, showing the Lincoln Highway as it passes through the city.

Sanborn Souvenir Co., Denver, Colo.

The description states:

Sixteenth Street is the main cross business street of Cheyenne as well as the route of the Lincoln Highway thru the city. Cheyenne with its miles of paved streets and its numerous large business and public buildings has all the appearances of a city of 50,000 although its population is less than half that.

–The Plains Hotel continues in business to the present, now registered as a National Historic Landmark. The Lincoln Highway has been relocated to bypass the city and is now known as Interstate 80. The street labelled 16th on this card is now Lincolnway.

The cars shown in this illustration indicate that this image dates from the 1940s.

Capitol Building Nighttime, Cheyenne, Wyoming

This image of the Wyoming State Capitol building is shown from an angled point of view from the front of the building as it might look at night.

Sanborn Souvenir Co., Denver, Colo.

The description states:

The Capitol is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, of classical design, and a great dome, 146 feet above the ground. It occupies a full block of ground covered with trees and shrubs.

The building is currently closed for remodeling and will reopen in 2019.

This card was used and is dated 16 June 1955