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Tulsa, Oklahoma

This folio collection of images and illustrations from Tulsa, Oklahoma have several examples of views that bear a striking resemblance to recent graphic representations in such computer games as the Sim City series. The images appear to be primarily artist’s renditions, with a few colored photos included.

All images by Oklahoma News Co., Tulsa, Okla.

While Tulsa continues to style itself the Oil Capital of the World, the many decades of changes in oil production world wide and even recently via tar sand development likely have made the claim moot.

This folio can be best dated by the illustrations which show automobiles consistent with the 1940s.

Chapel Brigde, Lucerne Switzerland

The scenery changes to Switzerland this week, and begins with a view of the Kappelbrücke and Pilatus, the mountain in the background. As indicated on the image, the mountain is 2132m high. More recent measurements indicate a hight of 2128m. This appears to be a painted photo.

Edition Photoglob, Zurich

The picture is undated and the card unused, so the era of the photo is uncertain. Given that it was likely purchased the same time as the German postcards shown earlier, it would indicate a date in the late 1920s or 1930.