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Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio

This image shows the imposing entrance to the Union Terminal building for railroad passengers built in the 1930s in Cincinnati, Ohio. Built at the height of the Great Depression, it is a national landmark for both its art deco construction and the murals in the interior. It is now a museum and iMax theater.

Kraemer Art Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

The back of the card has no description. This image is likely an artist’s rendition instead of a black and white photo colored for printing. The image likely dates from the 1940s.

Terrace Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio

This is an image of the building known at the time as the Terrace Plaza Hotel, named for the large terrace adjoining the restaurant and bar several stories above street level.

Tichnor Quality Views, Made Only By Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston, Mass.

The description states:


Cincinnati, Ohio

400 outside rooms, each with tub, shower, circulating ice water, 6-station radio. Four restaurants. Entire hotel completely air conditioned. Television in all public rooms. R. C. Kroger, Resident Manager, Max Schulman, General Manager.

–The hotel has changed hands during it existence, and is considered a monument to Modernist design and construction. It is operated under the name Hilton Hotel Netherland today. This image is from the 1940s. The card was used and is dated February 15th, 1950.

Federal Building, Cincinnati, Ohio

This image features the Federal Building in Cincinnati, Ohio as it looked in the 1940s. This building also housed the main Post Office for Cincinnati at the time.

Art Tone Glover Finished – Made Only by Beals, Des Moines, Iowa

There is no description on the back of this card.

As best can be determined, this building no longer exists, and the post office has moved to a different location as a result. The cars present in the image clearly point to the image being from the 1940s. The card itself was used, and is dated February 14, 1950.