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Maumee River Bridge, Ohio

This image is of a portion of the Ohio Turnpike, a toll road built between 1949 and 1955. It specifically features the Maumee River Bridge crossing, showing the separation of traffic.

Curteichcolor Art-Creation from Color Transparency

The description states:


This mammoth bridge is 1,394 feet long. Twin bridges carry the roadways wherever the Turnpike crosses over other highways, rivers or railroads, to preserve the minimum separation between the east and west bound lanes.

–This postcard was used and is dated April 27, 1956. The black streaks on the sky are cancellation marks.

Hotel Sinton, Cincinnati, Ohio

This is an artist’s depiction of the large and imposing Hotel Sinton, once a landmark in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The hotel was built in 1907 and demolished in 1967. It was located on the southeast corner of 4th and Vine Streets.

Lithoed in U.S.A. by Letterhead & Check Corp., St. Louis, Mo.

The description states simply:

700 Rooms HOTEL SINTON 700 Baths

Modern • New • Clean

–This was the hotel where the conspiracy of White Sox baseball players met to organize their effort to lose the World Series, known as the Black Sox scandal.

This card likely dates from the 1940s.

Union Station Interior, Cincinnati, OH

This image proceeds to the interior of Union Station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Shown are the curving walls with several ticket windows, a vendor’s window at the far left, and the remarkable and historic murals above. These windows still exist in this form, though they (and the vendor window) sit locked and unused. The murals are unchanged.

Tichnor Quality Views, Made Only By Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston, Mass.

The description states:

The main concourse of the Union Terminal, built at a cost of $41,000,000, is semi-circular in shape, and the right and left hand sides of the dome contain the largest silhouette mosaics in the world, the left hand mural portraying the history of transportation, and the right hand the growth of Cincinnati. It also contains information and ticket windows, retail shops, restaurant facilities, etc.

–This card likely dates from the 1940s.