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Norway Embroidered Postcard

This card is unique in design from the others in this collection. The image of a woman has embroidery on the skirt, sleeves, and bodice.


There is no true description on the back, just the words Gudbrandsdal and Norge. This indicates the clothing is representative of the style once worn in the town of Gudbrandsdal, Norway.

A search for this and other similar cards indicate this is from the 1960s.


Norwegian Goat Farm

A bit of an odd tourist attraction, this postcard features goats. Genuine goats, as it says on the sign hanging from the rustic building. It also appears to say they are for sale.

Normanns Kunstforlagg A.S. Oslo

The caption states simply:

NORWAY: Herd of goats at out-farm

It appears that the Norwegian caption, ‘Norge: Fra geitestølen’, translates better as ‘From goat pasture’.

The card was used and has a date of 28 May 1976.