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Veterans Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska

This is an artist’s rendition of the Omaha, Nebraska Veterans Hospital as it looked shortly after construction.

“ShiniColor” by Colourpicture., Boston 15, Mass., U.S.A.

There is no description on the back of this card. The legend states simply:

Veterans Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.

–The facility still exists and provides 100 acute care beds for Veterans as well as outpatient treatment facilities.

This card was used and is dated 13 June 1955.

Tower Lodge Motel, Holdrege, Nebraska

This image shows the Tower Lodge Motel, which had a rare combination motel design, with the older cabin style in the center and long single building rooms on either side. It was located in Holdrege, Nebraska.

Card by Al Achterberg, Nelson Studios, Holdredge, Nebr.

The description states:


U. S. 6-34 West – Holdrege, Nebr.

Phone 995-4488

40 Modern Units individually heated and air conditioned. room Phones and TV. Shaded Grounds. Play Area. Fine Restaurant nearby.

–This establishment appears to have been recently demolished, as there are a few listings for it but the site is an empty lot.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.

Pony Express Station, Gothenburg, Nebraska

This image shows an original cabin of the Pony Express system, which was initiated in 1860 and operated for only 19 months before being discontinued when the transcontinental telegraph was completed.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Photo-Cote”

There is no description on the back of the card. The legend on the front states:

The Original Pony Express Station, and an Old “Fire Engine”, Gothenburg, Nebraska.

–The Pony Express became legendary, but was never a financial success, losing $200,000 during its time of operation.

This postcard was used and is dated 3 June 1955.