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Highway 66, Central Ozarks, Missouri

This image shows a portion of the legendary U.S. Highway 66 as it passes through a cut in the hills of the central Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

This photo post card has no description on the back.

The picture calls out the large cut in the hill for the highway to pass through on a consistent level, but also notes that this is a four lane section of the highway, which was rare at the time. Much of U.S. Highway 66 was two lanes for a considerably longer period, particularly in the remote areas of the west. When the U.S. Highway system was supplanted with the Interstate System, the four lane sections of 66 were often reused, while the two lane sections were either enlarged, as happened here, or abandoned for better roadbed and routes.

This image likely dates from the 1940s.

McKinney Brothers’ Cafe, Jefferson City, Missouri

This image shows the interior of the McKinney Brothers Cafe, a very typical restaurant for this time. To the right are tables for diners, and to the left a long counter with stools for individuals to eat at.

MWM Color Litho “Buryheen” Finished. Made Only By MWM Co., Aurora, Mo.

The description states:

We are now in the second generation of the McKinney family, specializing in Missouri Cured Country Ham and other appetizing, economically-prepared meals. All our equipment is of the latest modern design and our Dining Room is completely AIR-CONDITIONED.

Located on High Street three doors west of the Central Missouri Trust Company Building.


–Displayed in the case under the register is a considerable selection of cigars. The object in the curving glass display appears to be a cured ham. On the wall to the left of the telephone is a postcard display, the likely location of this card when purchased.

The establishment closed under the old name some time ago, and another diner reopened in the same location in 2010. This postcard likely dates from the 1950s.

Night View, Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri

This image shows the same building from the same perspective but as it might look during nighttime. The lighting is inconsistent with the illustration, as the moon is behind the building, but the front is brightly lit by some other ambient light.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. American Art”

The description states:

The magnificent $4,000,000 Capitol Building, located on a bluff 150 feet above the Missouri River, was completed in 1918. The building, surmounted by a dome of unusual beauty and surrounded by graceful fluted columns, is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture. World-famous murals and a great resources museum attract thousands of visitors.

–The river passes behind the building, out of sight from this perspective. The card was used, and is dated 1 July 1953.