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Bankhead Tunnel, Mobile, Alabama

This image shows one entrance of the Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile, Alabama, which passes under the Mobile River to Blakeley Island.

Mirro-Krome by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc.

The description states:


Underneath the Mobile River, connecting Government Street with U. S. Highway 90, East. This 3,389 foot long underwater tunnel was completed in 1941 at a cost of $4,000,000 and is 49 feet below mean high water level of the river.

The age and size of the tunnel means that traffic is restricted to passenger cars and pickup trucks.Larger vehicles are directed to the larger and more recent George Wallace tunnel a few blocks south.

The advertisement at the left side of the image indicates this image dates from the 1950s.

St. Joseph’s Chapel, Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama

This image shows St. Joseph’s Chapel of Spring Hill College in Mobile Alabama, a Roman Catholic, Jesuit liberal arts college.

Mirro-Krome by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc.

The description states:


Spring Hill College, established over 100 years ago, a co-educational college operated by the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, is locate on Old Shell Road.

–The college was founded in 1830, and the chapel was built in 1910.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.

Dogwood along Natchez Trace, Mississippi

This image shows the highway known at the Natchez Trace, and a flowering Dogwood tree in the foreground, a common tree throughout the southern United States.

Mirro-Krome by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc.

The description states:


Along the Parkway dogwoods and other plants bloom profusely in the Spring. Trees, shrubs and other flowers are protected at all times, so that visitors may enjoy their picturesque beauty. Administered by the National Park Service, U. S. Department of Interior.

Protect Our Wildlife

–The dogwood in this image is most likely the widely distributed Cornus florida, based on the appearance of the flowers. The Natchez Trace Parkway is a two lane road following the old Natchez Trace trail from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi.

This card likely dates from the 1950s.