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Open Air Market, Oaxaca, Mexico

This image shows a few of the many market stalls in one of the open air markets in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Photo by Arno Brehme

The description states:

Mercado Tipico en Mexico. Typical old Mexican Market

Oaxaca, Oax, Mexico

–Among the other items for sale are the large pottery storage jars, metal cooking pots and pans, and hand woven baskets.

This image likely dates from the 1960s.

Aerial View, Piedras Negras, Mexico

This image, taken from a low elevation, shows the main square of Piedras Negras, Mexico and large buildings on two sides of the square.

“Mexico Fotographico” Apartado 1934 Mexico

The description states:

Parroquia, Palacio y Plaza Principal

Principal Square, Palace and Parish.

Piedras Negras, Coah., Mex.

–The building identified as the Parish is better known as El Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, built in 1859. The Palace was likely the former government center, but there was a new government building erected in 1986.

This postcard was used and likely dates from the 1960s like the previous one.

Business District Street, Piedras Negras, Mexico

This image shows a typical business street in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, Mexico. It is located directly across the Rio Grande from the Texas city of Eagle Pass. The name means ‘black stones’.


The description states:

Arteria Comercial

Commercial Artery

Piedras Negras, Coah., Mex.

— In the distance is a significant landmark building which will be revealed more fully in the next posting. From the cars shown here, this image likely dates from the 1960s.