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German Town Square and Church

This image shows a village square in Germany, with a church prominently visible in the background.

Wilhelm Gehrling sen. GmbH., Darmstadt

The description states simply: Nach Farbaufnahme

which translates to: From a color photo

Without a specific location it is difficult to describe much in this photo, except to say that the buildings are centuries old, while the car, a Volkswagen ‘Beetle’, is a contemporary design.

The card was used and is dated 25 July 1955.

Merry Christmas card, Germany

This illustration is of an idealized winter setting with a rural home lit up for the Christmas celebrations.

There is no description on the back of this card. The phrase on the front translates as “Merry Christmas”.

This card was purchased in East Germany and sent as a gift to a recipient in the Soviet Union.

The card was used but not mailed separately, so has no date. However, it is of the same series as the previous posting, and likely dates from the 1950s.