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Mississippi Folio

This postcard folio of Mississippi features images of civic structures and views, nature images and historical sites.

All Images Mirro-Chrome by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc.

Of special note is the magnolia image on the cover of the folio. If this looks familiar to regular visitors here, that’s because the exact image is also shown in an earlier posting here.

This folio is dated 1958.


Nashville, Tennessee Folio

These images feature important and historical buildings and structures in and around the capitol of Tennessee. Nashville is located in the center of the state, which is long east to west and relatively narrow north to south.

All images Plastichrome by Colorpicture, Boston, MA 02130

This  collection was most likely published in the 1960s.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale California

An unusual subject for postcards, the Forest Lawn Memorial Park is a cemetery. Unlike many such establishments, Forest Lawn has many interesting structures, art works and landscape elements that bring tourists to see and appreciate.

All images Forest Lawn Memorial Park Assn., Inc.

The park likely has not changed dramatically since the publication of this photo collection. The folio is dated 1952.