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Emmett Kelly as “Weary Willie”

This image is of the most iconic clown in America, Weary Willie as performed by the legendary Emmett Kelly.

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The description states:



Color Photo by H. W. Hannau

–The fame of this character is such that a museum has been built in his honor.

This card was used and is dated 25 January 1966.

Southernmost Motel, Key West, Florida

This image shows the pool and main building of the Southernmost Motel, so called because of it’s location on the island of Key West, Florida.

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The description states:


(at the end of Duval by the Ocean)

Telephone CYpress 6-6577

The newest and most modern motel in Key West. 30 Motel Room and 20 Efficiencies, 100% Air Conditioned and Heated. Our own Private Swimming Pool and Beach Facilities. T.V. Lounge, Solarium, and Shuffleboard. South and Duval Streets, Key West, Florida. A. and B. Mazur, owners and managers.

–The establishment is now known as the Southernmost Beach Resort.

This card was used and is dated 31 January 1962.

Spanish Moss Poem, Florida

This card shows some artist’s renderings of Spanish Moss as it might appear on trees in the Florida area, along with a poem about the putative origins of the plant. As noted in the link above, Spanish Moss is neither a moss nor a lichen, but in fact is a bromeliad.

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The description states simply: 252-F — Tropical Florida Series

The poem is one of several explanations for the existence of the plant.

This postcard was used and is dated28 February 1957.