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Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

This image shows the front entrance of the Marmorkirken, or Marble Church, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is also known as Frederick’s Church.

Wilkig & Landsbo, København

The description states simply:


The Marble Church

–It was originally intended to be built entirely of marble, but was later redesigned to be built of limestone. The building was started in 1749 but not completed in 1894.

This poscard was used and is dated 1953.

Grundvig’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

This image is an illustration of the famous Grundvig’s Church in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is notable for its expressionist church architecture.

Stenders Forlag – Farvefoto

The description on the back states simply:

Kobenhaven, Grundvigskirken.

Copenhagen, Grundvig’s Church.

–It was started in 1927 and completed in 1940. It can hold a congregation of 1800.

This card was used and is dated 1953.

City Hall Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

An elevated view of the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Dancolor Reproduktion Direkte Fra Ansco Color, Grønlunds Forlag

The description states:

COPENHAGEN – The CITY HALL SQUARE – the busy centre of the city. The City Hall was built about 1900 by the architect, Martin Nyrop. The building with the tower to the left is the “Palace Hotel”.

The postcard was mailed, and is dated July 23, 1953, so the picture depicts the square as it looked in the early 1950s.