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Highway through the Redwoods, California

This image shows a road as it passes through the towering sequoia forest along the Coast Range of California.

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The description states:


The redwoods, Sequoia Sempervirens, grow only along the Coast Range from Southern Oregon to Big Sur. The oldest of all living things, they often reach to a height of more than 300 feet and a diameter of 20 feet. The highway curves through the grace and beauty of magnificent groves of these monarchs of the forest.

–There is another relative of this tree, the Sequoia Giganteum, which is not as tall but is much wider in diameter, often large enough for a car to drive through a living, standing tree. These grow in the Sierra range on the eastern side of California.

In addition, the redwoods are no longer considered the oldest living thing, as the California bristlecone pine has been identified as much older.

This card was used and is dated 27 June 1956.

Lake at Sunset

This image shows an unidentified body of water as it looks with the sun just disappearing behind the trees on the far side of the water.

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The description states simply: DROWSY WATERS

–Since this postcard was used, and mailed in Riverside, California, it is believed this body of water is somewhere near there.

This card is dated 15 Jul 1953.

Freeways in Los Angeles, California

This image shows a very small segment of one of the many freeways that wind their way around and through the Los Angeles basin.

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The description states:


Los Angeles, California

A vital link in Los Angeles’ rapid expansion. Beautiful snow-capped mountains in distance.

–Given their height and size, the mountains are most likely the San Gabriel Mountains, which form the northern border of the Los Angeles basin.

It is difficult to identify this particular highway designation, as it was undoubtedly replaced when the Interstate system was completed.

The cars visible here indicate this image dates from the 1950s.