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1913 Mercer Raceabout

This sporty model is from the Mercer Car Company. It had some high powered executives, including members of the Roebling family, famous for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Gezon Motor Sales, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The description states this model was built with a 30hp engine, while other sources indicate it was 55hp. The car was built as right hand drive with the windshield mounted in a frame on the steering wheel. The car was a very successful racer in its early years, even considering the gas tank was immediately behind the seat backs. The company was closed in 1925.

The postcard itself was used as a marketing reminder by the Gezon Motor Sales in 1957.

1912 Brush Runabout

This brightly colored two seater was built by the Brush Motor Car Company in 1912. They built these runabouts exclusively, and this one sported a 10 horsepower engine.  In 1910, Brush and several other small manufacturers merged into the short-lived United States Motor Company. This company failed in 1913.

Gezon Motor Sales, Grand Rapids, Michigan

This card, like the others in this series, was a marketing tool for encouraging customers to bring their cars in for regular service, in this case every 1000 miles. The company credited below the photo, Gezon Motor Sales, is still in business in Grand Rapids, MI today.

The card is postmarked 1957.

1910 Stearns Automobile

This dazzling example of early motor car manufacture was built by Stearns. This model is the 15-30, with a 30 horsepower engine. This firm was known for building luxury cars like the one pictured, and sports cars, most notably one driven by racing legend Barney Oldfield.

Gezon Motor Sales, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The company was in business from 1898 and was sold to the WillysOverland company in 1925, In 1929 the company was liquidated.

Among other marketing information on the back of this card is the phrase: Ask for Pennzoil with Z-7…the Long Quart.

—This is a reference to how long the oil lasts in your engine, a significant issue when service cycles were as short as 1000 miles.

This card was used and is from 1957.