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Orange Groves, California

This image is a colorized photo of orange groves in California, likely located in Orange County, just south of Los Angeles, California.

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There is no description on the back of this card.

Such groves have been considerably reduced in number as urbanization has spread through the Los Angeles and Orange Counties, resulting in considerable amounts of farm and orchard land being paved over for homes, businesses and roads.

This image likely dates from the 1940s.

CBS Building, Hollywood, California

This image is a colorized photo of the building housing the CBS radio station known as KNX, located on Columbia Square in Hollywood, California.

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The description states:

A magnificent new structure, the Pacific Coast Home of the Columbia Broadcasting System, now stands on the spot where the motion picture industry first took root in Hollywood in October of 1911, — now Columbia Square.

Located on Sunset Boulevard, one of the principal traffic ribbons threading its way through the entertainment capital of the world — a five story office building, ten studios, including the Playhouse and adjoining offices.

–The building still exists today, looking much the same from this vantage point, though there are additional buildings being added to the square. KNX radio moved out of the building in 2005, and all broadcasting ceased in 2007.

This card was used and is dated 4 September 1953, but the card description and the appearance of the building indicates this image dates from the 1940s.

Spanish Moss Poem, Florida

This card shows some artist’s renderings of Spanish Moss as it might appear on trees in the Florida area, along with a poem about the putative origins of the plant. As noted in the link above, Spanish Moss is neither a moss nor a lichen, but in fact is a bromeliad.

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The description states simply: 252-F — Tropical Florida Series

The poem is one of several explanations for the existence of the plant.

This postcard was used and is dated28 February 1957.