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Lake at Sunset

This image shows an unidentified body of water as it looks with the sun just disappearing behind the trees on the far side of the water.

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The description states simply: DROWSY WATERS

–Since this postcard was used, and mailed in Riverside, California, it is believed this body of water is somewhere near there.

This card is dated 15 Jul 1953.

Freeways in Los Angeles, California

This image shows a very small segment of one of the many freeways that wind their way around and through the Los Angeles basin.

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The description states:


Los Angeles, California

A vital link in Los Angeles’ rapid expansion. Beautiful snow-capped mountains in distance.

–Given their height and size, the mountains are most likely the San Gabriel Mountains, which form the northern border of the Los Angeles basin.

It is difficult to identify this particular highway designation, as it was undoubtedly replaced when the Interstate system was completed.

The cars visible here indicate this image dates from the 1950s.

Santa Barbara Coastline, California

This image is a low aerial view of the highway that passes through Santa Barbara, California, following the Pacific coast.

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The description states:


Reminiscent of the French Riviera in U. S. Highway 101 entering Montecito with its extensive private parks and gardens. Santa Barbara nestles in the background.

–The city of Montecito is just a short distance east of the Biltmore Hotel featured in the previous posting. It is considered one of the wealthiest communities in the nation.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.