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The Best Advice is Simple

No matter
What you cook,
When you cook,
Where you cook,
How you cook,
Why you cook or
Who you cook for, the first step in cooking is always the same:

Wash your hands.

– Emmett Steede, SMG, USA (ret.), 1929-1988

Having spent his Army career in Preventive Medicine, the military equivalent to public health, Emmett developed a incisive perspective on health and cleanliness. He understood the difference between sterile and sanitary, between pure and potable, and regularly noted how confused most people were about simple sanitation.

If you want to feel better after eating, be more careful before eating. Food poisoning is one of the most common ailments in our modern society, simply because cooks are careless at home with the most basic sanitary practices.

Wash your hands.
Wash your cutting boards.
Wash your knives and other prep tools.
Do it regularly during the course of the prep, and thoroughly after you’re done.

Every single meal.


Twenty years ago today, 30 April 1993,  Tim Berners-Lee went live with the first web site at CERN. At the same time, he released the code that ran the Web, the first versions of the HTTP protocol and HTML, free forever for the world to use to create a new communications medium.

Two decades on, the world is a different place because of his foresight and generosity. Now, without the Web, huge multi-national companies simply wouldn’t exist. When Web access is lost, through error or malfeasance, companies that have transitioned most or all of their activities to the Web stand to lose millions of dollars during the interruption.

To see the original web site, as it has been recreated with the original URL, click World Wide Web. Take a moment to see how far the Web has come. While simple and plain, it points out the underlying truth that the Web is about information, not glitz.