Gibson Refrigerator Company, Greenville, Michigan

This image shows the Gibson Refrigerator Company plant and the Flat River as it flows through Greenville, Michigan. The company started life as the Belding-Hall Company in Belding, Michigan until its purchase by Frank Gibson.

The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, WI

The description states simply:

Gibson Refrigerator Company

Greenville, Michigan

–The company was known for inventing the refrigerator light, the upright refrigerator, and for building Waco gliders during World War 2.

This image likely dates from the 1950s, before the company was acquired by Hupp in 1956.

8 thoughts on “Gibson Refrigerator Company, Greenville, Michigan

  1. Donald Houser

    Hello. I have an original wooden ice-box. On the back are three lines of information stenciled onto the wood. The top line is not clear but I can see letters which seem to be M _NUTACLLD.. The middle line says Gibson Refrigerator Co The third line says Greenville, Mich, there may be letters following, possibly USA but it is not clear A code OS4 is also stenciled on the back, which I guess may be a model number. Is there ANYONE I can contact who may have some historical information about this item? It is in mostly excellent condition. I will send photos if desired. Thank you and I look forward…….very much… hearing back from someone.

    1. deans Post author

      I regret that I have no information to provide regarding your inquiry. My sole involvement with Gibson Refrigerator and their products is ownership of this postcard. Good luck in your search.

  2. Donald Houser

    thank you. I guess there is no one left now with that sort of info. But it was worth a try. Thanks again for the reply.

    1. deans Post author

      My apologies, but I have no connection to Gibson or their parts and service. This is only a website about old postcards.

  3. gary eslinger

    In the last 80’s we purchase a food plan with RICH Foods and one of your upright freezers came with it.
    After all these years we may be having a cooling problem with it. Is there anyone in our part of the US (middle State of Wisconsin) who you would recommend? And are there parts still available?

    1. deans Post author

      Unfortunately, this blog is about postcards. I have no relationship with the defunct Gibson Refrigerator Company, and never have had any connection with them.

      You will find many companies with Gibson freezer replacement parts if you make a Google search for ‘gibson freezer replacement parts’. I hope this helps.


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