Of Cabbages and Kings Gift Shoppe, Indian River, Michigan

This image shows the front and main entrance of the establishment called “Of Cabbages and Kings Gift Shoppe”, a reference to a line in the poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” from the book Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Pub. by R.C. O’Neil, Box 4423, Joyfield P.O., Detroit, Michigan

The description states:

Of Cabbages and Kings

Located 1/2 mile off M-75 interchange on Old 27 in the heart of Indian River, Michigan.

This truly unique shoppe in the quaint setting of an old railroad depot is a delightful tourist attraction. 

“Distinctive Antiques and Gift from all over the world.”

–The business opened in 1960 and closed in 1988. This image likely dates from the 1960s.

7 thoughts on “Of Cabbages and Kings Gift Shoppe, Indian River, Michigan

  1. Paul Senter

    Hopefully I can get somewhere with this. It’s small really. There is a book that I got from there around 1988. First started of with necklaces with wizards. Then I got the bok. It was a hard covered about the wizards dragons. Since I got MS in 2008 and have been walker or wheelchair bound. I got that book as a gift long ago but trying to get it on my kindle. Can’t remember the title. But if I could find it thank you.

      1. Tim McCarthy

        My parents created “Of Cabbages and Kings” Gift shoppe in Indian River when the Railroad was actively operating. My Mother ran the gift shop through the Summer months while my Father continued to work in Detroit during the week and rode up on the the train stopping at the rail road depot every weekend. My family, brothers and sisters, camped in the Burt Lake State Park all summer long while my Mother operated the Gift Shop.

        1. deans Post author

          What a very pleasant surprise! Thanks very much for sharing your family’s story and giving much more context to the postcard I have in my collection. It sounds like you had wonderful summers when you were young and the store operated.

        2. Leanne

          My Mother worked there for a short time in the 70s. I loved going in that store. It was a treasure for a young girl.

  2. Patricia Butler

    I loved going there in the late 60’s when our family went and stayed at the cabins going down a hill to the river. Do not remember the name of the resort. It was in town right by the bridge going over the channel. Such lovely memories of the town, the store. Started my China tea cup from there.


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