Bingen, Germany

This image is an illustration of the town of Bingen am Rhein, Germany, showing it’s location at the confluence of the Rhine and the Nahe.

Astudin-Karten vom Rhein, Verlag von Hoursch & Beckstedt – Köln

The description translates roughly as:

Bingen. “The funniest town along the Rhine, this is the town of Bingen,” sings Kobell, and he is right. The friendly, lively town full of genuine Rhenish life has a glorious location at the entrance of the romantic Felsenthal, which enters the Rhine  here. The beauty of the feminine woman in Bingen is profound: “See Meenz’s child, where is it from?” From Binge. ”

–This section of the Rhine is known as the Rhine Gorge. The town looks much the same, but the monument shown on the far bluff appears to have been removed.

This image likely dates from the 1920s.

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