Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden), Montreal, Canada

This image shows a view of the botanical gardens in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Souvenir Agencies – 1231 Bleury Street – Montreal, Canada

The description is in French and English, as required by Quebec law. First the French:

Le parterre des plantes vivaces


Parc municipal, le Jardin botanique possède une collection de 10,000 variétés des plantes de nombreux jardins, d’excellents services d’enseignement et de renseignements qui lui entaillé un place enviable de par le monde.

And now in English:

The Parterres


Montréal, Qué.

Part of the Park System, the Botanical Garden has a collection of 10,000 varieties of plants displayed in numerous gardens and is an internationally recognized source of botanical information and research.

–This postcard was used and is dated 28 June 1962.

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