San Francisco International Airport Tower

This image shows the original tower of the main international airport for the San Francisco Bay Area, known by the assigned letters SFO.

Moulin Photo

The description states:


Situated on Bayshore Highway 14 miles south of San Francisco. One of the world’s newest and finest airports. Costing more than $15,000,000 it is equipped with all latest motivational and safety devices. Its many facilities include restaurant, coffee shop, newsstand, book shop, souvenier [sic] and gift shops.

–The two planes in the image are both propeller driven aircraft common in that era. The one on the left is most likely a Lockheed Constellation, based on its unusual three part tail design. The one in the foreground is possibly a Douglas DC-6, as this was a common aircraft for Pan Am in this era and location.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.

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