Fort Shelby Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

This image is an artist’s rendition of the main entrance to the Fort Shelby Hotel in Detroit.

Peerless Litho Co. — Chicago

The description states::


Lafayette Blvd. and First Street


900 rooms with bath, in ideal downtown location. Air-conditioned rooms, all with circulating ice water, savior, chair-side radio. Finest accommodations at moderate rates. Delicious food and beverages in Empire Room, Tiger Bar and Java Room. Convenient parking. Children free.

–The hotel was constructed in 1916 and was purchased in 1951 by the Albert Pick Hotel group. The hotel closed in 1973 and was largely unused until renovation began in 2006. It is now an Embassy Suites with some apartments on the upper floors.

This card was used and is dated 25 April 1956.

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