Bingham Copper Mine, Aerial View, Bingham Canyon, Utah

This image shows an aerial view of the central pit of the Binham Copper Mine in Bingham Canyon, Utah.

Photo by Hal Rumel

The description states:


This vast copper mining operation which is situated in the oQuirrh Mountains about 25 miles South and West of Salt Lake City is the largest open-cut copper mine in the world. Electric shovels load the ore in 24 ton bites onto railroad cars and diesel trucks.

–Again, as with the previous card, the amount of ore moved in a single shovel has increased in quantity significantly, from 15 to 24 tons each time. Higher capacity shovels and cars to move the ore continue to be deployed as time passes and technology improves.

The slides that occurred in 2013 would have started in the smooth area to the left of the photo and proceeded down into the central bowl as it is seen here. By then, of course, the pit was larger and deeper, increasing the risk.

This image likely dates from the 1960s.

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