Bingham Copper Mine Wide View, Bingham Canyon, Utah

This image shows a wider view of the pit that makes up the Bingham Copper mine, with a particular emphasis on some of the sloped terraces in the foreground.

8691 – Kodachrome by Hal Rumel

The description states:

BINGHAM COPPER MINE, UTAH. Located only a few miles from Salt Lake City, Utah, high in the Oquirrh Range is Bingham Canyon, site of the world’s largest open-pit copper mine. Presenting a colorful view of the green, gray and red mountain, this ever-changing stadium affords a spectacular view of the huge mining operations as the electric shovels move fifteen tons of ore at a time.

–As one may have noted from the previous posting, the amount of ore being excavated at once has doubled in amount, indicative of more modern machinery being deployed between the time of each of these images. The terraces can be seen here as unstabilized mounds, with frequent roads that pass over them from one level to the next, which makes them more vulnerable to sliding.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.

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