Bingham Mine Close View, Bingham Canyon, Utah

This image shows the Bingham Copper Mine and the mountains in the background from a relatively close in view, where the trains that move the ore are visible along the terraces.

Artist-tone Local Views, Copyright 1950 by L. H. Larson, Cowboy Artist, Kanab, Utah

The description states:

K 130

BINGHAM COPPER MINE  Bingham Canyon, Utah

This, the world’s largest open pit coper mine, produces more than 90% of the copper mined in Utah, and one twelfth of the total world production. The giant pit resembles a huge stadium, its levels look like bleacher seats for giants. Ant-like electric shovels scurry back and forth on tracks, biting away seven tons of ore at a time. Bingham Canyon is located 20 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

–While the construction of the mine looks stable, there have been two large landslides in the pit, in April and September of 2013. There were no injuries or deaths.

This card is dated 1950.

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