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Mission Farms Views from Medicine Lake, Plymouth, MN

This image shows the view of the Mission Farms buildings as viewed from the south on Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota.


There is no description on the back of this card.

–The founding¬†organization has a short history of this site, which will be detailed over the next two weeks. The Mission Farms was a working farm that provided work and assistance to those in need. It was established in 1927, and served a large number of people during the ensuing depression.

This image likely dates from the 1930s.

Doubletop Mountain and Grassy Pond, Maine

This image shows the so-called Doubletop Mountain in the center background as viewed from the outlet of Grassy Pond, located in Baxter State Park in central Maine.

American Art Post Card Co., Boston, Mass.

There is no description on the back of this card.

Grassy Pond is a name given to multiple locations in Maine. This one appears to be in Somerset County, near Holeb, Maine, and is quite small and shallow, less than 2 feet.

This image likely dates from the 1940s.

Kennebec River, Maine

This image shows a much better view of the Kennebec River than the previous posting. At this point, which is not identified, the river is fairly wide and shallow.

Bicknell Mfg. Co., 16 Pitt St., Portland, ME

The description states simply: THE KENNEBEC

–Before construction of the Edwards Dam, the river was an important spawning ground for Atlantic fish. The dam was removed in 1999.

This image likely dates from the 1930s.