Fort Ord Army Barracks, California

This image is an elevated view of the former military base known as Fort Ord, located north of the Monterey Peninsula.

Color by Bolty

The description states:


Overlooking the blue waters of Monterey Bay, just a short distance from historic Old Monterey, California’s first capital, Fort Ord is an excellent all-year training site.

–These single-story structures are typically administrative buildings, while the two-story versions are more commonly housing for low-ranking soldiers. The building with the spire at the left middle-ground is a military chapel. The fort has long since been closed, and the land reused for private business, housing and the California State University Monterey Bay campus.

The shadowy outlines in the distance across the water are not mountains, but a fog bank, typical of the weather conditions in this area.

This card likely dates from the 1950s.

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