Methodist Children’s Home, Selma, Alabama

This image shows the large facility built as a home for orphans and displaced children by the state Methodist church organization. It is no longer in operation as a facility, having closed in 2010, but the building still stands and the Methodist Childrens mission is still active.

Color by W. M. Massey

The description states:


Selma, Alabama

“A bright spot in many a youngster’s life.”

–The facility closed when there were only 16 children remaining in the large building, and it was decided to place these in other locations and families to allow for better centralized services. At the time of closure it was hoped the facility and grounds could be sold for preservation.

This image likely dates from the 1950s.

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    1. deans Post author

      As is true about almost all of the postcards shown on this site, I have very little or no information about the places and people beyond what is listed on the back of the card. These were collected by my relatives before I was born, or when I was a child, so in most cases I have not even been to the site of the image in question. However, others who come to view these will at times know more about the location, so don’t despair.


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