John Cobb and the Railton Mobil Special, Utah

This image shows John Cobb, the man who set the land speed record in the Railton Mobil Special.

Pub. by Geo. McLean Company, Box 7146, Murray 7, Utah 84107

The description states:


“Home of the Worlds Fastest Speedway”

John Cobb and race car, Railton Special set a worlds record Sept. 16th 1947. Two way overage 393.8 mi. per hr. on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Western Service, Motel and Cafe, Racing Headquarters, Wendover, Utah.

–The last line above indicates this card was produced for sale by the motel and cafe business. The car is correctly known as the Railton Mobil Special, as shown on the side of the car behind the driver. The Railton Special was an earlier version that set a previous speed record.

John Cobb died a few years later attempting to set the water speed record on Loch Ness.

This image likely dates from the 1940s.

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