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Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, Michigan

This image is of the famous Bavarian Inn, located in the town of Frankenmuth, Michigan, as it looked in the 1960s.

Color Photography by John D. Freeman

The description states:

Frankenmuth family style chicken dinners are world-famous. In a town of only 1900, 6,000 dinners may be served in a single day.

Dining room, Coffee Shop, Stein room and Gift Shop. Located 15 miles south of Saginaw and 25 miles north of Flint. Get off the I-75 Expressway at the Birch Run-Frankenmuth  Exit (Northbound) on the Frankenmuth-Bridgeport  Exit (Southbound).

–Error is in the original text. The business has thrived and expanded to include lodging and other activities. This image is dated 1967.

International Bridge, Eagle Pass, Texas

This image shows the approach to the international crossing between Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Coahuila, In Mexico.

Color Photo by Bill Kobert

The description states:

INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE at Eagle Pass, Texas links two very favorite cities on the Mexico border. Thousands of American tourists cross here on their way to the interior of Mexico, while Mexican citizens visit the American side to shop at the many well-stocked stores in Eagle Pass. Peidras Negras is one of the prettiest Mexican towns on the border. The building in the background is the new American Customs Building.

–Eagle Pass is a small city, with a population of less than 30,000. Piedras Negras, in contrast, is estimated to be almost 140,000.

This card likely dates from the 1960s.

Hilltop Motel, Galveston, Texas

This image shows the Hilltop Motel in Galveston, Texas, a short distance down the coast from Corpus Christi. The swimming pool is typical of the time, with a slide for children and a diving board. As time passed, these were typically removed, as they were sources of accidents and injuries, and thus a significant cost liability for the owners.

Pub. by J. Rudy Neunlist, 1102 S. Witter, Pasadena, Texas

The description states:

Enjoy your holiday at


5-Mile Road West Beach, Galveston’s First and Only Complete West Beach Motel. Attractively Appointed Guest Rooms and Suites, Reasonable Rates – Air Conditioned – Wonderful Swimming Pool and Beach.

Phone Sh. 4-4423

–The address where this motel was located is now an empty lot. This postcard was used and is dated 28 June 1964.