Hilltop Motel, Galveston, Texas

This image shows the Hilltop Motel in Galveston, Texas, a short distance down the coast from Corpus Christi. The swimming pool is typical of the time, with a slide for children and a diving board. As time passed, these were typically removed, as they were sources of accidents and injuries, and thus a significant cost liability for the owners.

Pub. by J. Rudy Neunlist, 1102 S. Witter, Pasadena, Texas

The description states:

Enjoy your holiday at


5-Mile Road West Beach, Galveston’s First and Only Complete West Beach Motel. Attractively Appointed Guest Rooms and Suites, Reasonable Rates – Air Conditioned – Wonderful Swimming Pool and Beach.

Phone Sh. 4-4423

–The address where this motel was located is now an empty lot. This postcard was used and is dated 28 June 1964.

4 thoughts on “Hilltop Motel, Galveston, Texas

  1. William

    Hilltop motel burned down in the early 90’s. I can send pictures if you would like.

    1. deans Post author

      Thanks for the update and offer. That would be very kind of you. If you have them online, I can simply link to them from the posting.


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