Cotton and Oil Production, Corpus Christi, Texas

This image shows a typical crop dusting airplane, one that distributes various kinds of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and other treatments for the cotton fields shown here. In the background is an oil well apparently in the midst of the cotton fields, where oil is being pumped.

Color Photo by Joe Kelley

The description states:

FW-415 COTTON AND OIL INDUSTRIES…are major sources of income for the Corpus Christi and Coastal Bend Areas. Last year, 1960, 354,352 bales of cotton were ginned and moved through the Port of Corpus Christi…mostly for export markets. Within 150 mile radius of Corpus Christi are some 17.,500 producing oil wells with a daily allowable of about 675,000 barrels. Much of it flows to Corpus Christi for refining of for shipment in a crude state through the port’s various harbor terminal divisions.

–Corpus Christi is the Spanish term for ‘Body of Christ’. The export of crude oil has been prohibited for several decades, but the law is currently being reconsidered given the increase in domestic production in the last several years.

The date of this picture is indicated in the description: 1961.

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