Harold’s Club Gun Room, Reno, Nevada

This image shows part of the Harold’s club casino, with the typical slot machines of the era and a bar at the left. The walls are decorated with various firearms and descriptions of their origin and age, part of a collection from Raymond I. “Pappy” Smith. The official name of the room was the Roaring Camp Room.

Published by Sierra News Company, Reno, Nevada

The description states:


Located on the second floor of Harold’s Club, this collection contains thousands of ancient firearms. The same museum also contains collections of unusual carriages, Indian weapons, and souvenirs from may battlefields.

–The presence of slot machines meant that children would not be able to visit the collection, as casinos did not allow anyone under 18 inside. The collection was eventually sold at auction when the Harold’s Club company was purchased by another owner.

This card likely dates from the 1950s.

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