California Coastline in Spring

This image calls out the season to highlight the abundance of flowering plants along the California coastline. Almost all the yellow and white coloring mixed among the green is from blooming flowers.

Photo Color by Merle Porter

The description states:

SPRING ALONG THE PACIFIC COAST. The general Pacific Coast shoreline, from Mexico to the Canadian border, measures 1366 miles in length. The first white man to view the Pacific from our shoreline was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and the crews from his ships the San Salvador and the Victoria that sailed into the bay of San Diego Sept. 28, 1542. The blue water and yellows, reds and purples of flower bloom that grow along the seashore are breath-taking beyond description.

–While this is a typical view of the coastline at many points, the type of shoreline varies extensively, from rocky settings such as this to pristine white sand beaches.

This postcard likely dates from the 1950s.

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