Frankoma Pottery “Westwind” Design

Shown in this image are many of the standard pieces that make up the “Westward” pattern of dinnerware sold at that time by Frankoma Pottery. The pattern refers to the form of the pottery, not the coloring used.

Lithographed by Bowman Printing Co. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The description states:

WESTWIND — Clean, sweeping lines form this lovely serviceable pattern. Made in Woodland Moss, Peach Glow, and Prairie Green. Write for free catalog of Frankoma. Visitors always welcome at Factory Display Rooms, open weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


–This is an example of the Woodland Moss color scheme. These designs are now widely traded through online selling sites and can be purchased in pieces or collections.

This card likely dates from the 1960s.

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