Olson Park, Chicago, Illinois

The Olson Park and Waterfall was located next to and part of a commercial enterprise known as Olson Rug Company. It was built as a sort of memorial to the Native Americans, who performed here during its existence.

Copywright 1942, The Olson Rug Company

The description states:


2800 N. Crawford (Pulaski) at Diversey


Tumbling waterfalls…hundreds of rare trees, shrubs, plants and flowers…clear pools…these and other beautiful sights are open free to visitors of the Olson Rug Co. Rock Gardens. This Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of Rugs, Carpets and Broadlooms dealing direct with the home, is known for low Factory-to-You Prices.

–As can be inferred from the text above, the card shown here was a promotional device for the company’s product. The park was located on the Northwest side of the city, and built in 1935. It remained until the business and property were acquired by Marshall Field in 1971. The park was demolished and replaced with a parking lot, used now for the Macy’s store in the old building.

As noted in the caption below the image, this card dates from the 1940s.

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