Disneyland TWA Moonliner Ride in Tomorrowland, Anaheim, California

This image shows the long-removed TWA Moonliner rideĀ in Tomorrowland as it looked when the park opened and during its early years.

Walt Disney Productions, Anaheim, California

The description states:

As nations contemplate a trip to the moon, DISNEYLAND’S TWA Rocket Ride shows how it might be done. The DISNEYLAND Autopia cars traveling the Freeway of the Future, and the speedboats of tomorrow are also major attractions in Tomorrowland.

–The ride was renamed for the Douglas Aircraft company when the TWA sponsorship expired without renewal in 1962, and the rocket was completely removed in 1967 when Tomorrowland was redesigned and updated. This image dates from the early years of the park in the 1950s.

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