Algoma Central Railway Locomotives Stopped at Agawa Canyon, Ontario

This image shows the front end of the tourist train run by the Algoma Central Railway from Sault Ste. Marie to Agawa Canyon. They run other tour trains as well.

Prismaflex Color – Wilson, Dryden, Ont.

The description on the back states:

Algoma Central Passenger Train parked at Canyon prior to returning to Sault Ste. Marie — Agawa Canyon Tour.

–These locomotives are typical of the era, rather than more historic E-class or F-class streamline locomotives. The trip to Agawa Canyon is less than half the total distance of the railway. One tour includes the entire distance, a total of 592 drives.

The clothing on the visible passengers, particularly the printed plaid pants, are typical of clothing from the 1960s.

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