Hopi Indian Woman Riding Burro, Painted Desert, Arizona

This image is an artists rendition of the view one might expect to see of the so-called Painted Desert in Arizona. It is probable that the woman riding the burro was added to give a better sense of scale to the image.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Art Colortone”

The description states:



The Hopi Indians, according to the traditions, are descendants of the Cliff Dwellers or the older tribes who have lived in this region for many centuries. Their lives have been adapted to the semi-arid and desert wastes… even their corn (Indian maize), squash and melons are acclimated and other grains do not thrive here. Within the Painted Desert proper no vegetation is found excepting a few scrubby varieties of sage and rabbit brush.

–The colors of this image are exaggerated from the true colors of the desert, though the effect is still obvious and impressive when viewed directly or through more faithful reproductions. The cliff dwellers mentioned above are now more commonly known as the Anasazi, though this term is not preferred by the Hopi.

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