Navajo Family and Hogan, New Mexico

This image shows a Navajo family in attire both traditional and more modern. The structure behind the family is a Navajo hogan, the traditional dwelling for Navajo.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Art Colortone”

The description states:


The Navajo Indians, 50,000 in number, show little influence of the advance of civilization, living by the primitive methods of their fore-fathers. Many of them live in such remote districts far from civilization that they seldom see a white man.

Their hand made blankets, of wool from the sheep raised by them are known for their unexcelled quality and design throughout the world. Their hand made jewelry is as much sought for.

–The original image was likely black and white, and the color added to increase the perceived value of the card. The yellow color is not typical of blankets and other clothes typically worn by Navajo.

This image dates from the 1940s.

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