Martin’s Motel, Conway, New Hampshire

This is an image of a typical mid-century tourist motel in the New England area. An unusual feature are the lounge chairs outside the doors of the rooms, where parking spaces are normally located.

Pub. by Dick Smith, Photography, P. O. Box X, No. Conway, N. H.

The description states:


Route 16, 1/2 mile north of Conway, N. H.

Each unit equipped with T.V., individually controlled thermostat, and tiled bathroom with combination tub and shower. Open all year, Frank and Lolly Smith, owners.

Tel. Hickory 7-8966

–The statement ‘open all year’ was necessary in some regions as older tourist camps usually closed when the weather became colder.

The phone number uses the older word description for the first two digits of the phone number. Phones of this era had letters on the dial, starting with 2 through 9, omitting letters Q and Z. The caller would use the first two letters of the word to identify the first two numbers required, in this case HI, which correspond to 44.

This card likely dates from the 1950s.

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