Town and Riverfront, Galena, Illinois

This is an artist’s rendition of the Galena riverfront as it looked at the time, with the wide river and historic brick buildings that make up the historic district of Galena.

Curteichrom Reproduction by Curteich

The description states:


The first settlers came to Galena about 1820. By 1845 it was the most important commercial port on the Mississippi north of St. Louis. At that time the river was 200 feet wide and as many as 18 Mississippi Steamers and packets could be found tied on the levee at one time.

This view shows the river as it is today.

–There is another 21st century image of this from almost the same vantage point, as the landmark steeple, tower and brick building are clearly in evidence. The river is significantly smaller, likely a result of silt buildup and flood control measures.

This image was likely created in the 1940s.

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