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Mammoth Ore Dock, Marquette, Michigan

This card shows the Marquette iron ore transfer dock in action, loading a ore carrier for a trip to the mills in  the south or east Great Lakes region.

E. C. Kropp, Milwaukee

There is no description printed on the back of the card. However, the sender made these comments:

Those little cars on top bring the ore to the dock {visible in the upper left, near the damaged portion of the card} and store it in the pockets along the dock. Those red things {the ones extending down toward the ship} are chutes which the ore comes down to the boat.

This card has a damaged postmark, but is likely from the 1920s.

Northern State Normal School, Marquette, Michigan

This image shows the main building that housed the State Normal School in Marquette, Michigan. The name Normal School indicates it was established to train teachers. As the area around the school developed and became more populated, the name was changed several times, to the current Northern Michigan University.

C.T. American Art

There is no description on the back of the card. The fact that the card uses the name Normal School, which was changed in 1927, indicates that the card predates that event. In addition, the card was used and is dated 14 Oct 1924.

Girls Dormitory, Albion College, Michigan

This building was built to house the co-eds attending Albion College, a private Methodist affiliated liberal arts college. It is the result of a merger of two previous schools, one for men and one for women.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. American Art”

There is no description on the back of the card.

The building shown is now known as Wesley Hall, and houses first year students of both genders. A careful eye will note some small modifications to the structure since this card was published.

This card likely dates to the 1930s.