Chicken Shack Locations in Texas

This is a promotional postcard available from the restaurant chain known as the Chicken Shack. This is a common name for restaurants in the United States, but this one, subtitled Leslie’s Fried Chicken, was founded in Waco, Texas.

L.M. Crow Co., – Waco, Texas

The description states:


Specializing in Famous Leslie’s Fried Chicken

Since 1933

Famous for large, tender prices of chicken, fired to a crunchy, golden brown and served piping hot. Every one is welcome. Come as you are traveling and enjoy a meal of Leslie’s Fried Chicken in our large air-conditioned dining rooms, or take it with you, packed in a neat box.

–The Waco establishment was closed in 1996. The cars in the picture indicate it dates from the 1950s.

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