Eagle Rock, Evanston, Wyoming

This image shows the Lincoln Highway as it was when it passed around Eagle Rock, Wyoming. This named landform is not commonly described elsewhere other than this card.

Pub. by Sanborn Souvenir Co., Inc., Denver, Colo.

The description states:

EAGLE ROCK is a prominent point just east of Evanston on the Lincoln Highway (U.S. 30). The highway diagonally traverses the whole length of the county and is entirely oil surfaced and is so well maintained that overland travel has not been impaired for a single day in recent winters.

–The description does not identify the exact portion of the landform that is supposed to represent an eagle. It may refer to eagles once present there. Instead, it focusses on the nature of then current  US highway construction, replacing more primitive dirt and gravel roads with thin membrane surface, a design now restricted to low capacity secondary roads.

The postcard likely dates from the 1940s.

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