Bucking Horse Lodge, Rawlins, Wyoming

This motel is located across the state from the previous two, which are in the state capitol, located in the southwest corner of the state. Rawlins is in the south center of the state, about halfway across Wyoming to the west.

Photo by George McLean

The description states:


Rawlins, Wyo. – Phone 324-4371

West Edge of Rawlins on Highway 30 and Interstate 80

Fifty Units

Phones, T.V., Family Units and Kitchenetts Available

The Heart of Antelope and Deer Country, Hunting and Fishing Guides and Information.

–This closeup image of the lobby hides the overall size of the establishment, better seen in this postcard. From further back it is obvious that the hotel has a large area for the fifty units in the establishment.

The neon sign with the Bucking Horse image has what appears to be an undecipherable tangle of material obscuring the image. In fact, this is an animated sign, and the tangle of material are the different lighted tubes that would outline horse and rider as the horse bucked up and down in the night. Such animated signs were common in this era.

The cars parked along the side of the building indicate this card dates from the 1960s.

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